About Soho Living


Soho Living is rebuilding America. Gaining popularity in Europe and Asia, shipping container architecture has become a global trend. Our mission at Soho Living is to offer quality, affordable container homes to rent, rent-to-own, and buy.

Our homes are built from steel intermodal shipping containers, offering high structural strength for a fraction of the cost of traditional housing. Nearly 30 million of these containers exist around the world, many of which sit retired at ports, homeless and empty. Each container is sized at 8 feet wide by 8.5 feet high, and either 20 or 40 feet long. These pre-fabricated and reusable steel containers are shipped directly to your property foundation for speedy construction. Specifically designed for transport via ship, rail, and truck, containers are one of the most valuable and versatile methods of home building.

The simple and minimalist style of container homes allows residents a wide scope of design potential and creativity. Building container homes supports the green initiative through recycling already-existing steel materials.

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